2013 February/March Newsletter

Hello family & friends!

It is always a blessing to share with you all what the Lord is doing down here. Things are starting to heat up down here again… the winter was just a few days in the low 70’s. The locals are telling us that May is really hot, so we’ll see how it goes. Following is an update in a few areas:

Calvary Cristian Academy – the past couple of months have been challenging. It was a time that I was beginning to feel more comfortable with my students. A little better understanding of them, their culture, where they’re coming from. Felt more in touch with them, then a shift came. The other English teacher moved, so that left me as the only English teacher in Jr. High. About a month later, the Lord brought us a new teacher. The new teacher took my classes and I am now teaching grades 7, 8 & 9 advanced English. Just when I was getting comfortable, the Lord shuffled things up a bit and I believe that it’s going to be good for me and my students. In the meantime, I do miss my other students and now have whole new batch of them, new names to match with faces. The curriculum is also more advanced, so it is a challenge for me to teach. I believe the Lord does want to challenge me and I give Him thanks for these changes. It reminds me to always be ready to step out of my comfort zone, because it is where great spiritual growth happens. My Father in heaven knows what’s best for me and that gives me rest and peace.

Calvary Kinder – (from Sylvia) There is so much to share on how the Lord is working in our classrooms. But definitely from the beginning of the school year the Lord has really been showing me just how much he wants me to love his children. It can be hard at times loving these little ones but then the Lord reminds me of why he brought us to this place, to make disciples of these students that need so much attention and love. Many of my students come from broken homes. We at school are able to talk to them about the Lord all day, so we are able to pour out gods love on them. And what a privilege it is to be ale to invest in eternity! One of my students in particular at the beginning of the school year had extremely bad behavior problems. When he would get out of control he would throw himself on the floor screaming bloody murder and he wouldn’t let me even hug him or pray for him. But now seven months into the school year he has been able to experience God’s love and he has opened up to me so much…now he even tells me he loves me and lets me hold him when he cries. To God be the glory because this is only possible through the Him. This is just one case but there are many others. I feel so honored that I can show my students Gods amazing love.

CCBC Merida – Exciting things are happening here. Currently we are in the middle of the semester. Teaching the Epistles of John is very rewarding and the students are also being edified and exhorted. The apostle John’s style is simple, but the truths are profound. I have such an awesome time preparing during the week to teach this class on Saturdays. The exciting thing is that the new site is under construction and it looks like we’ll be able to hold the classes there next semester. Plans are to build living quarters, kitchen, and soon be able to host students on-campus. In April, I will be taking a trip to CCBC Ensenada for training and for overall guidance for us back in Merida to get things moving. The Lord is providing and it is really cool to see the construction progress. Please let the church know about this project and let them know that there is a great need for Bible teachers.

Pioneer Clubs – Sylvia and I enjoy being able to serve together on Sunday nights. Matthew and Victoria are always pumped to go too, “Is it Pioneer Clubs tonight mommy?”, is what they’re always asking.
One of our teachers recently shared with me that she is learning more about God’s word, since she started with Pioneer Clubs. That’s the beautiful thing about Children’s ministry; not only are the kids blessed, but the teachers are also blown away by the word while they prepare and study. In April, CC Merida will be hosting a one week seminar by Pastor Dan Finfrock in Inductive Bible Study, which all the Pioneer Club teachers will be attending. Most of them are first time teachers, so it’s cool to see them grow in confidence, as the Lord equips them. We will also be participating at a Cosecha event at the end of April. Cosecha is a series evangelistic outreaches, but this one is focused with the children, so I look forward to share with you what the Lord does.

San Felipe/Rio Largartos/Panaba – Supporting the mission outreaches in these small towns is a blessing. We are able to have quality family time and fellowship with the church plant in San Felipe and home Bible studies in Rio Largartos and Panaba. We have gotten close to a beautiful family (Fermin & Caro) in San Felipe and we are able to fellowship, encourage them as they are one of only a few Christian couples in this small fishing town.

Marriage Retreat – Sylvia and I were able to attend this years marriage retreat. The setting at Telchac beach was very nice. The sea breeze was amazing in the evening. Pastor Craig Rose and his wife Tanya from Calvary Chapel Texarkana did an amazing job through different sessions and workshop going through the book, Song of Solomon. It was very much needed alone time for us and the Lord spoke to us in several areas. We both committed to work in those areas to strengthen our marriage.

As I type this, I am thinking of my son Daniel, who is on the way to Merida to visit us. I am so grateful and thankful for everyone whose been praying for him. Special thanks to our care team, the pozole fundraiser, your support and prayers, making this possible… you guys are the best.

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