2013 June/July Newsletter

We are excited about what the Lord is doing and what He has done this past year as we finished our first school year here in Merida. The past two months have been challenging in regards to the many activities and events closing out the school year.

Missions Conference – June 7-8:
I was given the opportunity to come home for a few days for the CC Downey Missions Conference in June. The feelings are difficult for me to explain coming home after almost a year, but no doubt, I was blessed and encouraged by the warm welcome. I was given an opportunity to share what God is doing and share the vision of the ministry in Yucatan. The trip was a short one, but very action packed and thank the Lord, many things were accomplished. I received support and good counsel in regards to Children’s Ministry and the Bible College, which was encouraging and currently applying it. My parents and family made a trip from AZ and we were able to spend a little time together. I’m very grateful for the fellowship we had with our Care Team, supporters, friends & family.

Schools out!
Sylvia and I felt a great sense of accomplishment when the school year finished, especially looking back at the challenges and trials we both had during the year. It is by God’s grace that we finished. We both have seen God move and change some of the students and that has been motivating. The Holy Spirit is doing an awesome work, but there is a lot of spiritual warfare. Even though we are out for the year, we ask that you please join us to pray for the students. There are many that have real struggles, especially family issues. We are both more sensitive about this and it is something that the Lord has shown us. To get to know each student more personally, to talk to them. That is not always easy, so we rely on God to give us wisdom and to open hearts.

Gone Camping
The last week of school for Jr. High was a week of camping at Chuburna beach. The Lord did a work in these youngsters. On the last night many of the students opened up and we were able to minister to them. They poured out their hearts and shared their hurt. Some that did, I didn’t expect and it reminded me that God can see what we can’t, so we need to be sensitive and wise when dealing with the students and let the Holy Spirit lead. Even in some of the “tough” kids, God broke through to them. I was blessed to be able to hug them and let them know that God loves them so much and knows their hurt, but even better, Jesus can heal their broken hearts. I believe that the Lord did exactly that to many of the students… all the glory to Him.

The following week we were right back at it again, but this time with
the younger kids (7-11). We were blessed to go as a family this time and Matthew & Victoria participated too. It was similar to the Jr High camp in the way the Lord moved. For me, it was more difficult to see some kids open up and start crying. I guess that I didn’t expect the kids to share the way that they did. I am thankful that the Lord let me see His great work in the kids. It doesn’t matter the age, everyone who humbles himself before the Lord, will receive God’s grace.

Pastor’s Conference
I was blessed to be able to go with a group of Pastors from Yucatan and have a table to display and share information about Calvary Chapel Bible College Merida. The conference was at the end of July and held in Mexico City. It was amazing to hear testimonies from Pastors from all over Mexico. There are currently 75 Calvary’s in Mexico! Since arriving in Mexico, I’ve had the desire to visit a small town called Santiago Juxtlahuaca in the state of Oaxaca. It is one of the most unreached people groups in the country. The cool thing is that I met a Pastor from Ensenada that goes to Oaxaca once a year. I asked him what part of Oaxaca and you guessed it… he visits Santiago Juxtlahuaca! God is so awesome! I’m going to keep in touch with him and Lord willing, plan a short trip next year. At our table we were able to talk to about the College and many were suprised to hear there is a Bible College in Merida. It was a fruitful trip and the word is out in Mexico about CCBC Merida. We also invited some Pastors to join as to teach at the College for the 2-week blocks. We do have a need for Bible teachers at the College (Pastors and/or missionaries).

Ministry Update:
I also want to share an update about some changes for the upcoming school year. New school year, new challenges, which means new lessons and blessings. Sylvia is going to continue teaching English at the kindergarten. I’ve been placed as the leader of the Bible College, so I am working to do the best job that I can and glorify Christ through this ministry The Lord has called me to. Something new at the college is that we are offering a full-time course schedule for the first time. I will be teaching Genesis and Cults & World Religions. It’s challenging for me, but getting support from the Bible Colleges in Ensenada and Downey. This school year I will no longer be teaching English in the Jr. High. I will now be teaching Bible at the high school. It is the first class at the high school, so I’m excited to be a part of this new work that The Lord is doing. The first part of the year, I will be teaching Missions, primarily the book of Acts. At the school, I’ve also been given the responsibility to oversee the Bible dept. at the school (Kinder to H.S.). I will be responsible to make sure the teachers are staying on track to the curriculum, meet regularly for devotionals, to pray together, to encourage them, and support them in any way that I can.l

Downey Yucatan Missions Team:
As I write this, it is only two more weeks until the the team arrives. It is really a blessing to be able to receive and serve together. We will be serving at a 3-day Purity Conference for young adults, holding a Children’s Ministry workshop, VBS at various small church plants and missions. Please pray for the teams unity and safe arrival. They arrive August 14th.

We are thankful for everyone of you that continue to pray for us, encourage us, and support us.
Thank you for following us and reading our ministry update.

In Christ,

The Gamez Family

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