2013 September Newsletter

Hello friends & family!

We’ve completed the first month of the school year and Sylvia and I are so thankful that the Lord has allowed us to continue to serve Him at the school another year. It’s been a blessing seeing some of the Jr. High students a little more mature and growing in God’s Word. Some of the tough ones are not so tough this time around and I believe that God is doing a work in them.

High School (Prepa):
In September the Lord allowed me to take the High School students on two outreach trips. Our goal was to let the students apply what they’ve been learning. To take a step of faith and share their faith with others. Also to work together in unity and love.
TABI: the first trip was to Tabi. It is a Mayan village and one of the poorest areas in the state of Yucatan. CC Merida donated basic foods and we packaged boxes to bless (25) families. We visited the surrounding homes of CC Tabi going door to door and every student had the opportunity to share the gospel, their testimony or pray for the people at the homes we visited. The village of Tabi is bound by old traditions, but we believe the Word that was shared will not return void. We gave thanks to God that so many people allowed us into their homes.
PROGRESSO: the second trip was to the fishing town of Progresso, which is north of Merida. Here we again went door to door passing out a tract that the students created. This town was very different and much more difficult than Tabi. Both very Catholic, but here they were much more vocal and we faced many rejections. It was an amazing experience for the students and I am thankful. Thankful because it was their first time seeing the great need and the condition of hearts that is revealed when people hear the gospel and react in so many different ways. At the end of the day, the students didn’t want to leave, but they wanted to continue to share. I saw their faith increase even though there was some verbal persecution. I taught to help prepare them, but there is nothing like going out and doing it. One mother’s eyes filled with tears when she heard of God’s love and forgiveness of sins that He offers us. Another was a fisherman who after a long discussion wanted to hear more on Sunday.
Both of the trips, while very different, were a huge blessing to all of us. We realize that we are mere vessels going out in faith as the Holy Spirit does the miraculous work of cutting hearts open.

Happy Birthday Victoria!
We give thanks to God for the beautiful gift He’s given us. Our little princess turned five on Sept. 24th. All she wanted was to have a small birthday party in her kindergarten class.

Victoria and Matthew are off to a great start this school year, both already receiving student of the week in the first month. Their teachers report to us that they are lights to the other students. That fills our heart with joy and we know that it is because of Jesus. They have the fear of the Lord.

God is so good. Early in Sept. my tooth filling fell out again. This time there wasn’t as much pain because the glue is still in place covering the sensitive part of the tooth. The following week I got something stuck on the opposite tooth. I told Sylvia that I need to see a dentist right away. That weekend she went to the Women’s Retreat. When she returned she told me, “Guess what babe, I found a dentist!” She met a sister that is a dentist and she offered to treat me and the whole family at no cost! Even little things like this, the Lord takes of us.

We are thankful for everyone of you that continue to pray for us, encourage us, and support us.

Thank you for following us and reading this ministry update.

In Christ,

The Gamez Family

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